Moises Anaya

Moises Anaya


Photo By  Anne Beentjes

Photo By Anne Beentjes

Moisés Anaya (1987) is a writer, director, camera operator and editor, based in Mexico City. In 2014 he was part of the artistic project ‘Labor in a Single Shot’ of the German director Harun Farocki and in the same year, his short documentary RAMOS won the jury prize of the DocsMX Challenge.

Contemplative characters and social issues that afflict him are the foundations of his work. Anaya tries to interpret and play with real problems that surround him in daily life. He represents these issues within different types of narratives, respecting the esthetic of the image and the storyline.

Currently, Anaya finishes his newest short film ‘The Sea’ while simultaneously making a new documentary project about a bullfighter. He also cooperates on the production of a variety of VICE Media documentaries. 


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